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Kiiroo Onyx 2 Review – The Best Interactive Male Sex Toy?

When Sandra is away, my days are generally pretty dull and boring. However, on this fussy date I was unusually excited.

Why? Because I hold a brand new-found sexual characteristics toy to try unfashionable!

First, I went through my regular pre-masturbation routine: I safe and sound the exit, dimmed the illumination, and leave my phone on mute. Then I carefully unpacked the discreet package with the aim of had indoors earlier with the aim of morning. The inside revealed a spanking new-found Kiiroo Onyx 2.

Now, let’s go to see how this device measures up to my very rigid sexual characteristics toy values.

Welcome to my Kiiroo Onyx 2 journal!

What Is Kiiroo Onyx 2?
Kiiroo Onyx 2 is a fully automated hands-free masturbation robot with the intention of can be your head spin by the side of 140 strokes for every sec – both figuratively and exactly.

The device is the newest collaboration concerning adult toy makers Kiiroo and Fleshlight, a locale venture with the intention of has previously set us booming adult VR products like the Fleshlight Launch.

And like with the Fleshlight Launch, Kiiroo was dependable designed for the know-how, while Fleshlight delivered their patented Super Skin material with the intention of is used designed for the interior and the maw.

Furthermore, the Kiiroo Onyx2 has two various operating modes: Guidebook and interactive. Into guidebook mode you can control the stroke fly by the side of which it operates. While in interactive mode, it’s synced to the pornographic videos you are watching.

Tim’s Pro Tip: Onyx2 can be synced to your girlfriends OhMiBod Fuse dildo, enabling you to take part in gender even if you’re in a long distance connection!

The peripheral and interior of the Onyx 2 with VR products on the as it should be.
When placed subsequently to the Fleshlight Launch, the Onyx 2 is considerably slighter in size and much sleeker in design. This renders it lighter, portable, and more discreet, especially instead of make somewhere your home who live with a prying descendants element or helper.

One of the reasons why the Onyx 2 can tone down the bulk and emphasis devoid of heartwarming its output is it doesn’t need to accommodate a full-size Fleshlight. Instead, the masturbator uses a small textured Fleshlight SuperSkin Sleeve.

The notable difference in design comes with a cluster of implications. Firstly, there’s rebuff corporeal movement of the unit’s interior- as a replacement for of the conservative automatic pumping of the Fleshlight skin up and down; near are 10 rows of contracting rings with the aim of operate in tandem with all other to inspire movement.

Secondly, the lack of need to physically move a Fleshlight with the device additionally instrument with the aim of the battery and motor can be slighter in size. The Onyx 2 can provide a generous figure of thrusts apiece follow up and sufficient of operating phase devoid of a massive motor. Overall, the masturbation robot boasts of a minimalistic design and inconspicuous outlook, which makes it ideal instead of make somewhere your home looking instead of a discreet addition to their sexual characteristics toy arsenal.

Finally, unlike the Fleshlight Launch which facial appearance a rubber ring underside design with the aim of renders it hopeless to point of view up, the Onyx 2 energetic construction allows it to support its emphasis and point of view upright. It comes with a cap with the aim of sits on top as not in worth to shelter it from dust, dirt, and a few corporeal harm from accidents.

Setting Up Kiiroo Onyx 2
Like at all other rechargeable toy, Onyx 2 has to be charged fully ahead of manipulation. Mine came with nearly charge, but still, I had to plug it in favor of a full up charge. So, produce surely you charge your robot masturbator as soon as you’re completed with the unboxing which will take all but 4-6 hours.

Removing the cap from the Onyx 2 reveals the top section of the device, and mainly importantly renders it prime in favor of you. So, gently poke your nose in the outer plastic rotten and slide the Fleshlight SuperSkin Sleeve inside. Once the coat is inside, you can either move on with the realistic masturbation experience, or close the device with the plastic cap (If you don’t have it in mind to manipulation it).

Important: Produce surely you got masses of water-based lubricants presented. And produce surely it’s water-based and not silicone since silicone lube may perhaps wound the interior of the device.

With to exposed of the way, let’s verve into the details:

My First Impression
My primary impression was how light the device felt. The Kiiro Onyx weighs a plain 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg) with a strip of 10.4″ (26.3 cm), and you can without doubt conduct it with individual laborer. And if you good turn the device in excess of, you realize to the base has a lid. Removing the lid reveals an opening to contains the Superskin coat and maw.

Moreover, the outer casing has a button and LED light (circled below): The button is used to power on the device and to first-rate the desired mode. Also, the LED indicates what did you say? Mode the device is presently in (Bluetooth connectivity, Manual or Interactive), or if the device has at all kind of inaccuracy. Finally, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 has a trackpad everyplace you control the stroking momentum.

Preparing the Onyx gender toy was very straightforward. First, take exposed the coat and apply masses of water-based lubricant. Then press the button on the front which turns the device on in Bluetooth connectivity mode (Bluetooth is required in favor of the interactive mode).

However, I definite to start trying the physical mode, which requires a agree with button press. The device is in physical mode if the LED is solid purple.

Alright let’s verve!

Manual Mode
After I inserted my Johnson into the device, I permissible myself to relax in favor of a jiffy with no at all stroking. The Fleshlight coat made the Onyx 2 feel very familiar and engaging to me, but I wondered if the device would be able to offer me sufficient stimulation since I am used to nearly pretty hardcore Fleshlights like Stoya Destroya, which has nearly very intense stimulation.

After a tell jiffy of relaxing I swiped the trackpad, and the device in progress stroking my dick in a steady mechanical rhythm. And I engage in to be straightforward. It felt awkwardly machine-like on primary.

But taking into account I mastered the controls a crumb better, Kiiroo Onyx gets exponentially more fun. While I found the trackpad somewhat distracting on primary, I eventually got used to the sensation. And it slowly but surely in progress to feel much more pleasurable and convincing.

And, in favor of folks who are concerned all but blare, I can testify to it’s very silence!

After I played around with the device in favor of a benefit 15 minutes I got so close to cumming so I definite to prevent, and switched in excess of to Interactive mode.

Interactive Mode
The interactive mode allows you to synchronize your device with a variety of Internet content such as encoded videos, virtual authenticity, games, and webcams.

In vogue stunted, the war from the porn videos gets replicated in your device!

How’s so as to likely?! Well, to enable this management Kiiroo is using something called subtitling, a machinery so as to transmits signals to the device to instruct it once and how to prepare the stroking.

First you need to link up the device to your phone via Bluetooth. Then you need to download and install an app called Feel Me, and decisively, you need to link up your phone to a snare put called feelme.Com, which has all the VR porn videos. All the steps were really painless. And I had my Fleshlight Kiiroo eager in not as much of than 10 minutes.

Update: Now PornHub and has pornographic videos so as to are compatible with the Kiiroo Onyx 2!

There’s a plight of content on FeelMe.Com. No doubt, there’s something used for everybody. However, I sure to start with something low important, so I selected a videotape with a guy getting a blowjob. Interestingly, the videotape clip was revealed from the guy’s slope of observation, so you prevail on a visual experience close to authenticity.

The content on Feelme.Com
I hold to say the interactive mode was rebuff excluding delightful than the blue-collar mode. Indoors fussy as the strokes in the male masturbator is synced with the case seen in the porn videos. It’s like I in point of fact got a blowjob from the porn player as it should be near on my screen!


After just 5 minutes of virtual blowjobing, I blew a enormous load as it should be into the girl’s reply in a heavenly orgasm (or into the Onyx 2 if you mean to be picky 😉
Also, the interactive mode is compatible with VR goggles, enabling you a bursting immersive experience. Unfortunately, I don’t hold a few VR goggles so I couldn’t test this story. But I suspect it’ll take the sensation to a entirety new-found level – assuming the management is on situation of lessons.

What Comes in the Box?
The device comes in unlabeled boxes to keep the client’s confidentiality. The website is too encrypted, so your rank won’t come up with a clue of the essentials as well.

Inside the quite commercial-looking box are a join of handy-dandy objects with the purpose of will certainly be useful all over the experience.

And with such a world-class collaboration among Fleshlight and Kiiro, you can should think the finish creation would be nothing but spectacular. Well, that’s the folder with the high-tech the Onyx 2 masturbator which is inconsequential, very efficient, and requires least legislature. The box restricted the following;

The Kiiroo/Fleshlight Onyx 2 (of course)
A USB charging cable
A sample packet of water-based lube
A defensive finish cap intended for the opening of the toy
A austere tuition instruction booklet (in several languages)
A warranty registration certificate

However, I was disappointed to forget a toy cleaner, perpetuation powder, or transportation casing on the box. You ensure, a luggage compartment casing is very principal as soon as it comes to enhancing longevity and promoting a discreet connection with your masturbator. The box isn’t tall adequate to fit everything back inside later the experience either. So, I advocate getting physically a luggage compartment container designed for your expensive piece of horniness.

My Experience
My core motivation as soon as import the Kiiroo Onyx 2 was how discreet, portable, and efficient it was, or by the side of smallest amount it promised to be. I couldn’t pause to try it unacceptable as soon as I made the order. Luckily designed for me, Sarah had gone town the daylight it was delivered and merely came back the daylight later. So I may possibly really take pleasure in the device all by myself.

After unboxing the toy, I promptly plugged it in and forgot more or less it designed for a while (probably the hardest matter I’ve had to fix in a while). Once fully charged, I was very eager to launch how this ‘bad boy’ would function. I slid the SuperSkin lagging inside the device carefully and made trustworthy it was well open inside.

And with everything in place at present, I inserted my dick inside and laid back to pick the rhythm with the intention of was in warehouse designed for me. The 10 marked rings worked on me by delivering a fantastic sensation. I’m not 100% trustworthy whether the rings vibrate, but I swear to God, my genitals were treacherous to particular degree. Incorporating the 10 rings with the intention of run in tandem designed for a collective experience was surely a game-changer, and single of the design tweaks with the intention of makes the collaboration concerning Kiiro and Fleshlight single of the top in the self-pleasuring industry.

Now I can comprehend a quality handjob even what time Sandra is away!
Despite the 1 hour guaranteed playtime, I’ve not been able to control a total hour, but my sessions typically range amid 30-45 minutes. However, I be required to say to facilitate the device is until the end of time up and running what time I’m complete, and I’m yet to pick several reluctance in amid the sessions.

I was amazed by not having to move the device around whatever. This completely hands-free experience single needs your effort in spinning the device on and choosing your preferred settings. And depending on your special taste, you can truly keep back and give permission it look after all of the handiwork.

Probably the for the most part staggering issue around the experience; the device was laudably settle down. And unlike the regular Christmas toys to facilitate will bust sour your ears, this solitary wedged me by stagger. The whisper-quiet robot masturbator is furthermore relatively small which made use idyllic. It’s furthermore unproblematic to clean credit to the piece of information to facilitate you can effortlessly remove the sheath. This makes it unproblematic to disinfect the sheath as well as return it must it still comprehend worn improbable.

Maintenance Tips representing your Kiiroo Onyx 2
Just like you look after with the time-out of your sexual category toys, maintaining your Onyx 2 well is the recipe to a long life of wet and wild fun. And while the maintenance might look like it’s excited, it in reality isn’t since the designers of this incredible device had your needs in mind what time putting it organized. So, now are a a small number of pointers to help you avow your modern buy in the unsurpassed whittle.

1. Have the Essentials Ready. Always!
The foremost purpose of having the Onyx 2 masturbator is to nominate the masturbation experience natural and exciting. However, at hand are a a small number of additions to facilitate will certainly take your experience to the then level in a split support.

Firstly, nominate convinced you own a Fleshlight sheath warmer all stage you’re using your Onyx. This ensures the device is passionate an adequate amount and quick representing you, rendering the experience much exciting and realistic.

Secondly, until the end of time own sufficient water-based lube by your characteristic, and don’t put out of your mind to reapply all as soon as in a while. Maintaining the sloppy toppy all the way through the experience reduces the possibilities of an accident and makes your stage much splendid.

2. Clean right now in the same way as consume.
Probably the for the most part straightforward method to a respectable looking and well-functioning masturbator, cleaning the Fleshlight Onyx as soon as you’re complete saves you a lot in life of energy and stage.

Firstly, you’re in a hyped-up mood which probably won’t after everything else representing long, and therefore cleaning it right now saves you from having to look after it what time you don’t feel like it.

Secondly, you don’t know what time you’ll be in the mood again, and I anticipate you don’t would like to be in the mood single to discovery to facilitate your partner is sullied and smelly. Trust me! It’s a turning.

So, consume a clean damp cloth to clean the device and a clean towel to dry the fill up. For the Fleshlight sheath, remove it from the argument and try it inside improbable representing a much-simplified cleaning experience. Use the recommended cleaning agents and bathe with passionate, clean fill up to ensure all foreign equipment are unconcerned.

3. Take Care of the Masturbator
To the same extent straightforward as it sounds, plunk measures across what time using, cleaning, and storing your Kiiroo® Onyx2 to keep it improbable of harm’s way. For demand, steer clear of insertion it go up to the postpone and shelf edges what time not in consume as unbroken cataract might break the argument and affect both the longevity and beginning. Also, keep the device away from stormy or angry appliances as they might either burn or tear the material.

Additionally, nominate convinced you return broken down parts as soon as you notice them. Using the Onyx with a broken down argument or torn SuperSkin sheath might inflict injury to your body or introduce organisms to facilitate might hurt your body.

4. Store the Device Appropriately.
Finally, nominate convinced you salt away your newest buy in a clean, cool, dry place. The box to facilitate the Onyx Kiiroo comes in is not as large to accommodate everything, which is why I propose getting physically a cargo space container to promote a wild and discreet affiliation.

Let’s Compare Kiiroo Onyx VS Launch
Personally, I don’t think there’s several comparison amid the Kiiroo Onyx 2 and the Fleshlight Launch. However, we’ll explicate the two and look into several similarities and differences. To start with, both are miracles of modern-day science and are very comparable to the other, which makes it very intractable to select amid them.

To the same extent a standalone device though, the Onyx 2 is a premium addition to your sexual category toy collection. During piece of information, its arrival made almost all my preceding masturbators incompetent as I rarely consume something besides in the gallery. However, I did keep my Fleshlight Launch since I believe it brings a horrendous deal of experience and novelty to the postpone. The Launch boasts of incredible vibration patterns, zoom control, suction diagnostics, Bluetooth compatibility, amid other capabilities. However, it comes in a massive size and isn’t as discreet, which might be a turning representing many fill with.

Verdict; Both robot masturbators own a lot in life to offer which makes them an ideal addition to your gallery. However, the small size and discreet nature of the Kiiroo Onyx 2 makes it more admired, especially representing persons whose foremost trepidation is keeping their wild, high-tech affiliation away from the prying eyes.

Tim’s Pro Tip;
For a as soon as in a natural life experience, nominate convinced you own the following essentials. To start with, ensure you until the end of time own high-quality lube contained by your arm’s touch and don’t hesitate to take a a small number of breaks to re-apply the lube at some point in the experience. Luckily, Kiiro Onyx 2 comes with a sample packet of water-based lube to ensure you comprehend down to transaction as soon as the device is fully charged. However, you’ll own to nominate replacement campaign in the same way as a a small number of uses.

Additionally, rejection solitary wants to slide his ‘meat’ in an ice-cold vagina. So, consume a Fleshlight sheath warmer to take your erotic experience to the then level of realism. Make convinced you until the end of time comprehend the for the most part improbable of your modern buy and don’t put out of your mind to take thought of it.

Let’s Compare Kiiroo Onyx VS Onyx 2
The piece of information to facilitate we’re comparing two comparable strategy way, Kiiro has been on the forefront in increasing incredible robot masturbators to nominate the experience natural and more enjoyable.

And truly like you’d expect, the Kiiro Onyx 2 came improbable on top bearing in mind it single came to attend to major customer concerns raised around the preceding version. Though very gifted of delivering powerful and unforgettable thrusts, the Onyx was not the for the most part powerful and the power couldn’t after everything else long an adequate amount.

And though its characteristic sexiness made up representing the flaws, Kiiro and Fleshlight felt the need to up the ante with the improved Kiiro Onyx 2. This incredible version boasts of a more powerful output, touch-sensitive zoom control, more online content, and compatibility with the Fleshlight Launch and the modern Kiiro precious thing 2.

Verdict; This was a troublesome solitary, bearing in mind both versions show your face in the same size, overall whittle, and design. However, as a person who has used both of them, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 takes the generation representing being much powerful and unproblematic to consume.

Tim’s Pro Tip: With horrendous power comes horrendous conscientiousness! Make convinced you own all the essentials as well as the lube well and quick what time using the Kiiroo Onyx 2. You don’t would like to be in at hand while your ‘meat’ is dry.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Review Summary
Alright, my Kiiroo Onyx reconsideration is nearing it’s top, so let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Takes all your masturbation sessions to a further level!
The set a price is comparable to other adult VR products.
The device has a light and hard-wearing design.
Realistic Superskin from Fleshlight.
Manual and interactive mode.
Compatible with VR googles.
Synced to FeelMe, Pornhub, and many other online pornographic content.
It can be used representing long distance sexual category with your partner.
Very settle down and discreet.
Before you comprehend used to it, it can feel a morsel robot-like next to chief.

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